A Chinese Adoption Story

Image description: Photograph of Wuhan Skyline on a sunny day from the opposite side of the Yangtze River. Lots of tall glass buildings and skyscrapers whose reflections are shown in the water. The second Yangtze river bridge stretches over the river into the city.

Hello and Welcome to my Blog

Hi I’m Jasmine the “Mad March Hare” of Media City! Born in Wuhan, grown in York and currently living in Manchester working for the BBC. Normally found bouncing from one adventure to another fuelled by iced mochas, hula hoops and dim sum.

I like lip synch battles and still remember ALL the songs from High School Musical 1,2 and 3. Still missing Woolworths pic n mix and old enough to remember when Freddos were 10p. Cows are scary but not as much as camels – I had a very strange experience on holiday in Egypt with my boyfriend last year!!!

Currently furloughed so filling my days talking to my cat Arthur and strangers on the internet. You can also find me on Instagram @waitimfromwuhan.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment. No hate. 😊 xx

A cartoon image of a young Chinese woman seated at a table using chopsticks to eat dim sum. She is posing and smiling at you. She is wearing a blue denim jacket and a v neck purple top. Around her neck is a traditional Chinese jade pendant on a gold chain.

Wait I’m From Wuhan is a digital story written by Naomi Sumner Chan exploring a Chinese adoptee’s relationship with the place she was born and how she has been personally affected by Covid-19. Commissioned by HOME and Chinese Arts Now as part of the Homemakers project. Illustrations are by Edalia Day. Jasmine is a character created by Naomi and any similaritiy to a real person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Wait I’m From Wuhan is free to access but if you would like to support the work of artist Naomi Sumner Chan and to help Chinese Arts Now to continue to support more artists through this very tough time then please do consider contributing some money via this link the project has a suggested donation price of £5.

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4) A Life Changing Decision

So it’s nearly August now and here in the U.K. life is starting to get back to normal with a lot of the lockdown restrictions being lifted. People are starting to move on from corona virus but personally I can’t just forget about it and put it in the past.

I know this sounds crazy but at first I thought the virus was like some kind of sign – telling me I should look for my birth family before it was too late. I don’t think that anymore…